Development of a communication system backend for ML-augmented finite element modelling of concrete bridges
In civil engineering applications, concrete plates and shells are vital modelling elements for a diverse range of applications such as bridge decks and floor slabs. In order to implement python-based ML algorithms within existing state-of-the-art finite element solvers, a novel communication system is required. The goal of this novel system is creating an interoperability between the old programming language Fortran 77 (of the FE solver) and python (of modern machine learning libraries).
Physics-aware collaborative assembly with mobile robots
In this one—to two-month paid summer research project, we aim to deploy a long-horizon assembly plan to one or several mobile robots in the real world so that a large structure can be built with precision. We will use a motion capture system for localization and object tracking and focus on integrating the tracking system, planning, and control so that the robot can adjust to the tracking inputs to ensure accuracy.

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