Predictive control of compliant structures
Flexible structures such as cable nets, deformable grid shells or membrane structures have been drawing great interest in an architectural context for many years. To control the shape of such structures when deployed remains a challenge, which is to be tackled in this thesis.
Castle Maker: Simultaneous and collaborative robotic assembly
Assembly is one of the fundamental tasks that robots were designed to do. The standard approach that has been used since the dawn of robotics is to break the assembly procedure into smaller tasks that can be run sequentially. This approach benefits from easy programming and computation. However, the
Locomotion controllers for bio-inspired robots
The goal of this project is to develop whole-body locomotion controllers for new breeds of bio-inspired robots.
Simulation-based Learning for Robotic Unfolding of Wrinkled Garments
The goal this project is to explore the potential of using differentiable physics simulation and machine learning in the context of robotic manipulation of soft materials.

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