DiffCloth: A Differentiable Cloth Simulator with Self-Collisions and Frictional Contact
The goal of this project is to develop a differentiable cloth simulator that supports handling of self collisions with frictional contact.
SmplSkin: Physics-based Simulation of Skin Mechanics on Personalized Avatars
The goal of this project is to extend an existing parameteric body model such as SMPL or STAR with simulation capabilities for skin sliding and tissue deformation.
Mechanical Characterization of Structured Thick Shell Materials
Isohedral tilings offer a unique way of generating a large array of 2D patterns. These patterns have been leveraged to create structured sheet materials combining aesthetic value as well as mechanical functionalities. In this project, we will assign thickness and height to these structures to create thick shell materials.
FoamBot: Computational Navigation of Foam Materials with Microrobots
As an emerging technology, microrobots have many promising applications, including environmental monitoring and targeted drug delivery. One key component is the ability to navigate through foam-like materials, which requires accurate modeling of the cellular matrix and its interaction with the robot. The goal of this thesis is to build a simulation model for foam that is both in good agreement with observations from physical prototypes without any external inputs and when interacting with a rigid robot.

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