Mathematical models for optimizing experimental design and scale up of bone organoids
We seek a highly motivated Bachelor's or Master's student dedicated to developing and applying a mathematical model, simulation, optimization, and process control to deepen the scale-up of bone organoids. This project offers an opportunity to gain valuable work experience within a highly interdisciplinary and international team.
Machine learning approach to understand drivers of gene expression profile in bone organoids
We seek highly motivated Bachler/Master students dedicated to developing multi-omics data analysis pipeline and implementing a machine learning approach to exploit gene expression profiles of bone organoids.
compagOs – An in-vitro bone organoid platform for biomaterials development and personalized medicine
Our goal is to establish a sophisticated technology platform for bioengineered bone to speed-up biomaterials development for bone tissue engineering and to predict drug response for patients suffering from bone diseases. Our tools are 3D printing, bioprinting, nanoparticles, hydrogels, time-lapsed image processing of micro-CT scans and object-oriented programming.
Sensor-invariant Satellite Embedding Learning
Design a deep learning approach which integrates the measurements from different types of satellite data (MODIS, VIIRS, Sentinel-1 SAR, Sentinel-2, see Fig. 1) by learning a sensor-invariant embedding (see Fig. 2), targeting two applications: lake ice monitoring and glacial lakes mapping.
Human-centered View Synthesis
In this project, we will propose a pipeline to generate novel view synthesis of multiple human performers. Please email the host for more details of the project.
Reconstructing Hand-objects and Modelling Human-Object Interaction
3D hand pose/shape estimation and the modeling of human/object interaction is a pathway to real-world interactive AR/VR applications such as Microsofts HoloLens and Facebooks Occulus Rift. The reason is that we interact with the world using our hands to use tools and to socialize with others.

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