SLS powder flowability
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compagOs – enabling personalized medicine using an in-vitro bone organoid technology platform for drug efficacy testing
Are you interested in making a lasting impact in the world? Do you want to build, develop and establish technology that will disrupt the healthcare system? CompagOs is a technology platform that provides an opportunity for you to shoot for the stars and turn your dreams and ambition into reality.
Reconstructing Hand-objects and Modelling Human-Object Interaction
3D hand pose/shape estimation and the modeling of human/object interaction is a pathway to real-world interactive AR/VR applications such as Microsofts HoloLens and Facebooks Occulus Rift. The reason is that we interact with the world using our hands to use tools and to socialize with others.
Development of a pilot-scale membrane aerated bioreactor (MABR) for energy efficient municipal wastewater treatment
Pilot scale testing of a wastewater treatment process is critical to define and optimize process parametersfor operation of full-scale systems.In the current thesis, a pilot scale MABR will be designed and developed to treat municipal wastewater.

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