Advancing Spinal Fusion Surgery Predictions
Join us in this exciting project that seeks to contribute to the improvement of spinal fusion surgery. This project offers the chance to develop and validate an advanced pipeline based on finite element modeling, other mechanical modeling approaches and computer vision. By leveraging a comprehensive dataset of pre- and postoperative CT scans, you'll have the opportunity to closely collaborate with clinicians and research engineers, ensuring the real-world applicability of your work.
Investigating NeRF and Gaussian Splatting for 3D Lumbar Vertebrae Reconstruction from Intraoperative X-Rays
This master's thesis delves into the surgical application of Neural Radiance Fields (NeRF) and Gaussian splatting to enhance 3D reconstruction of lumbar vertebrae using intraoperative X-rays. The study focuses on understanding NeRF fundamentals, comparing NeRF-based approaches with traditional methods, and optimizing NeRF for precise 3D reconstruction. The expected outcomes comprise a comprehensive grasp of NeRF and insights into its potential for surgical applications. The findings are intended to benefit orthopedic surgical planning, contributing to improved surgical outcomes

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